Upcoming Events

January 24th – Punk Night! The Great Contempt / The Swifts

The Great Contempt

The Swifts pop-punk awesomeness out of Broomfield. If you missed them last August, you won’t want to do that again. Trust.

Dayshaper indie-rock based in the Boulder/Lafayette area

Additional details and RSVP on the Facebook Event Page

Confluence Garage: 75 Waneka Pkwy, Lafayette, CO
All Ages!!
$7 – $10 suggested donation
Doors: 7:30 PM
Show: 8:00 PM

January 25th – Eclectic Music Night! Meat & Potatoes, Sirius In The Sky, Bodango, MAC & LC

Meat & Potatoes Brandon Harris is a multi-instrumentalist from Denton, Tx now residing in Denver, CO and is looking to be the musical nutrients for your soul! His musical journey started in Texas where he studied at the University of North Texas, then brought him to Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA), and has since taken him throughout the country. Of his passion for music, Harris says it helps him explore the subconscious mind and freely express his creativity. Though his degree is in jazz guitar, he also plays saxophone, bass guitar, keyboard, percussion, vocals, and has played, performed, and recorded with Grammy nominated artists. Those who tune into the world of Brandon Harris will be served a variety of musical flavors your soul’s palette is sure to appreciate.

Sirius In The Sky ignited deep in the Four Mile Canyon of Boulder, Colorado with the common goals of inspiring love, healing, and bringing people together through music.

Bodango indie-rock band meets indie electronica band who’s genre-defying sound is on the cutting edge of the Colorado scene. Check out our free music and videos!! Will play backyard parties to theaters.

MAC & LC Hip hop vibe with great vocals

Additional details and RSVP on the Facebook Event Page

Confluence Garage: 75 Waneka Pkwy, Lafayette, CO
All Ages!!
$7 – $10 suggested donation
Doors: 6:30 PM
Show: 7:00 PM

February 8th – TEEN NIGHT (Under 21 Only)

My Dog Ate Chad alt-rock/power pop band formed in 2016 and based in Fort Collins, Colorado. My Dog Ate Chad started out as a group of high schoolers playing in an after-school music club. Now, MDAC has expanded into their own entity, climbing the ladder of recognition in Northern Colorado, gaining a growing and loyal fan base.

Ipecac A clash of metal, punk, rock, and a whole lot of badass.

Daniel Ford Band

Additional details and RSVP on the Facebook Event Page

Confluence Garage: 75 Waneka Pkwy, Lafayette, CO
All Ages!!
$3 – $5 suggested donation (Thanks to Lafayette Cultural Arts Commission for grant support)
Doors: 7:30 PM
Show: 8:00 PM

February 22nd – Television Generation / Gort vs. Goom / LOG

Television Generation indie rock band with a proto-punk sound that ranges from fast paced punk rock to stoney slacker anthems, rich with catchy melodies and gritty guitar riffs best described as ‘timeless indie rock’.

Gort vs. Goom drum/bass nerd thrash rock

LOG “We are Norwegian garage-a-billy dancehall punk, with some hints of Dr. Seuss and Tiny Tim. I didn’t come up with it; Dan Rather was talking about it.”

Additional details and RSVP on the Facebook Event Page

Confluence Garage: 75 Waneka Pkwy, Lafayette, CO
All Ages!!
$7 – $10 suggested donation
Doors: 7:00 PM
Show: 8:00 PM

March 6th – Mnop, The Quintet / The Cowards / Ipecac

mnop, The Quintet (pronounced ma-nop) is a young and energetic band, wanting to reignite the spark of jazz in the present and future generation. Playing anywhere from swing, funk, latin, or even a groovy bossa, mnop is always sure to make your soul flourish with a melody.

The Cowards a newer Indie/Emo band, ready to fill all you sad bois with tears. They write about lost love, teenage dreams, and lack of happiness… Which stems from the music they’ve been listening to their whole life. The 3 piece is sure to be down to Earth at every show, and display an emotional aspect through the music they perform.

Ipecac based in the Broomfield/Westminster area, a 4 piece band that loves heavy metal, progressive metal, old school punk, rock, punk rock, pop punk, grunge and 60’s, 70’s, 80’s rock.

Additional details and RSVP on the Facebook Event Page

Confluence Garage: 75 Waneka Pkwy, Lafayette, CO
All Ages!!
$7 – $10 suggested donation
Doors: 7:30 PM
Show: 8:00 PM

Volunteer With Us!

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the help of our volunteers, and we’re always looking for additional people to help run things.  Tier Two Live is about growing a local community of people excited to build something new and wonderful.  Here’s a list of ways people can help:

  • Running the ticket desk
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Social media support
  • Website management
  • Booking shows
  • Graphic design
  • Marketing
  • Live sound engineering
  • Flyer distribution

Tier Two Live is a Lafayette based music promotion group focused on independent, low cost, all ages music shows.  We are working to build a safe, genuine and diverse music community that is always growing and happy to welcome new people.  We always need folks who want to contribute to the scene or just be part of something fun. Help with one show or as many as you’d like!  Interested? Contact Dave at TierTwoLive@gmail.com or 303.710.5201 or fill out the form below.

Starting a scene

Tier Two Live was started in 2019 by Dave Heinrich as a bit of an experiment to see if a viable independent youth-focused music scene could be created in an area away from the main cultural centers of Colorado.  Dave has been involved in the independent music scene since he was 14 years old. He grew up going to DIY punk and hardcore shows in the Reno, Nevada area and was a founding member of the hardcore band Shogun in his college years. His vision for the Tier Two Live music promotion business is the start a local independent music scene in East Boulder County, hopefully giving the local teenagers (and adults too) an outlet for their musical pursuits.

All Tier Two Live events are all-ages with no drugs or alcohol allowed.  Shows are generally donation based with some grant funded events having free entry for those under 21.  Diverse musical acts with original music are welcome. Passion and creativity are encouraged.

The name Tier Two is about being located in a area that isn’t necessarily on the map for the majority of musical acts. It’s about being proud of where you are and what you can bring to the table. It’s about discovering what hidden talent lies beneath the surface of the typical music we are exposed to. We are also headquartered in Lafayette, Colorado, which is considered a Tier Two suburb.

All Tier Two Live shows are open to everyone.  Our Safe Places Policy is as follows:

  • Respect people’s physical and emotional boundaries.
  • Respect, embrace, and defend other people’s opinions, beliefs, differing states of being, and differing points of view that do not uphold oppressive ideologies.
  • Oppressive, abusive, or reactionary language and behavior of any kind will be interrupted and challenged.
  • Respect the places where the shows are held.  Vandalism or other destruction to the venues risks losing the what we have worked so hard to build.
  • Be responsible for your own actions. Be aware that your actions have effects on others.
  • Examine your own subtle and not-so-subtle prejudices.
  • Look out for kids at all times and try not to leave anything around that would endanger them.
  • Any individual or group engaging in violence (including sexual violence and harassment) or who threatens another’s safety within the space will automatically be excluding themselves. We will ask them to leave the space.
  • If you experience or witness any behavior that crosses your boundaries or makes you feel uncomfortable, or if you are feeling like you would like to talk to someone anonymously about anything, please ask someone who works here.  Take responsibility for your own safety and get help if you need it.

Tier Two Live In The News!

Colorado Hometown Weekly – October 20, 2019

Great article in the local Boulder County newspaper about everything we’re trying to start up. Article is HERE.

Voyage Denver Magazine – October 7, 2019

Dave was interviewed by Voyage Denver as part of their Inspiring Stories series.

Fuel The Scene Magazine Reviews

May 3, 2019 show with Old School Hype, Twisted Escape, and Life Science

April 5, 2019 inaugural show with Bloomers, Satellite Pilot, and Ipecac